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The Future of Fundraising Has Arrived!

Ending the Headache of Traditional Fundraisers

MoneyDolly makes fundraising digital, so you can do less while earning more.

  • Your own customized app and products

  • Expert guidance from start to finish

  • Keep 80% of donations, no extra fees

Get Your Own Customized App

We’ll design a custom page for your fundraiser. This gives you the flexibility to sell products from our trusted partners, accept cash donations, run events, even add your own products and more. This variety attracts and satisfies every type of donor.
In addition, each one of your group’s participants will get their own unique page, which personalizes the connection for supporters.

Reach More People Faster

Your customized app will allow you to share your fundraiser with selected phone contacts and social media followers with the click of a button.
Also, all group members will have a unique QR code for participants to share their page in person.


Track Your Progress

Through secure portals, you and your group participants are given the ability to track progress and performance incentives to keep things competitively fun and engaging during the course of your fundraiser.
Leaders can view participant goals, progress, and send secure messages to motivate their group

Skip the Grief with this Revolutionary 
Fundraiser App

Join the mobile fundraiser movement and say goodbye to all the troubles of your past traditional fundraisers.

No door-to-door sales. No counting and depositing money. No paperwork.


Money Dolly Users Raise More $$$

Fundraiser admins report that the innovative and modernized peer-to-peer fundraising method using the MoneyDolly app has not only completely re-energized fundraiser participants, but raised more money than they’ve ever seen in past years.

In fact, MoneyDolly fundraisers tend to earn an average of 35% more money than previous fundraising campaigns!


Money Dolly is more than just another "donations" app!!!!

While donation fundraising drives are increasing in popularity, Money Dolly adds another degree of versatility in allowing your supporters access to numerous products as well! 

Ship Direct to Home
(All you see is a check at the end of the campaign.)

Beef Jerky
Pretzel Snack
Yankee Candle
Fusion Drinkware
(Including NCAA &     MLB teams)
Driven Coffee
Chocolates, nuts, and other snacks*

*Seasonal temperature permitting

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Check Mark.png
Sun River Logo.png
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Yankee Candle Logo.png
Fusion Drinkware Logo.png
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Check Mark.png
Check Mark.png
Driven Logo.png

Ship to School
(Just like traditional campaigns but with the advantages of the app!)

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Check Mark.png
Check Mark.png
Check Mark.png
Check Mark.png

Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough
i Mark Tumblers
Heritage Candles
Chocolates, nuts, and other snacks

Otis Fundraising.jpg

We can even set up what your organization usually runs!

  • Orders sorted by seller

  • No minimums on non-frozen products

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Check Mark.png
Check Mark.png
Check Mark.png

Sausage, Chicken & Bacon
(You know the one...     )
Meat Sales

Events (Whatever-a-thons, Labor                Sales, etc.)
Products from Local Businsses (Pecans, Pastries, Flowers, etc.)

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  • Your organization receives the reports with the information for your orders and a check to cover the purchase of the products PLUS your profit! You simply place the order as you normally would. 

Coming Soon


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