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Red, Light Blue, Green, Royal Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Orange, Black/White, White/White, Maroon/White

I've personally witnessed children physically pulling their parents toward an LED light band display while en route to the concessions stand at football games like a moth toward a light.  

We get more reorders for this single product than any other!


The LED wristband features an on/off switch with your name and/ or logo engraved into the band. For all colors, the wristband is clear when the LED is turned off. Once turned on, the LED illuminates the wristband and engraved message in the color of the LED. 

  • No Setup Charge

  • Free Shipping

  • 70 Hour Battery Life

  • Two Week Turnaround TIme

  • Minimum Order: 100 Bands (Mix your colors in lots of 25)

  • Cost: $2.75 Each

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